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NR prices to remain bearish
Tyres made with NR alternatives to become a reality soon


  • Vietnam remains on top in NR productivity

    Vietnam continues to top in NR productivity by achieving an Average Annual Yield of 1,695 kg per hectare of tapped area in 2015, according to Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC). Vietnam is followed by Thailand (1,522 kg), India (1,471 kg), Malaysia (1,410 kg), Cambodia (1,140 […]

  • Indian Rubber Board issues guildelines on weekly rubber tapping

    The Rubber Board, India, has issued certain guidelines to the growers who adopt weekly tapping. It is to be ensured that 52 tapping days are there in a year while adopting weekly tapping. In a holding where tapping could not be done on a day owing to some inconvenience, it is to be done on the very […]


  • Jom Jacob rejoins ANRPC as Senior Economist

    Jom Jacob, Deputy Director, Rubber Board, India, has rejoined Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) as its Senior Economist for a five-year tenure. His earlier tenure in the same post with ANRPC was from July 2007 to July 2012. He has been in the rubber industry for three decades […]

  • Punjabi Icon Award for Surender Singh Kandhari Punjabi Award

    Punjabi Icon Award instituted by Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board(PCHB) was presented to Surender Singh Kandhari, Chairman, Al Dobowi Group, Dubai, at a function held in Mumbai, India. PCHB is an organisation of prominent Sikhs and Punjabis of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Families of renowned personalitie […]

Price Watch

  • Tyre stocks bounce back on positive economic data

    After having a dull start this year, coupled with consecutive falls in passenger car sales, stocks of tyre companies bounced back, moving in tandem with trends on the bourses. During the period of February 17,2016 to April 18,2016, the BSE Sensex climbed up over 10%, while stocks of most tyre compan […]

  • Slight breather in NR market as prices rebound PS

    In a welcome relief, natural rubber markets – both domestic and international – are showing signs of recovery with the prices turning slightly bullish. However, whether this surge is an indication of a progressive rebound in the long-term is a matter to wait and see. The current price surge is attri […]


  • Mixed fortunes for tyre companies in Q1 2016

    Fall in cost of raw materials, particularly natural and synthetic rubbers, has brought substantial benefits to tyre companies in the first quarter of 2016. However, factors such as decreased vehicle production in countries like Japan, lower global tyre prices, currency appreciation, higher manufactu […]

  • ARLANXEO moves to Maastricht headquarters

    ARLANXEO Holding B.V., one of the leading global players in synthetic rubber, officially opened its new corporate headquarters in Maastricht, Netherlands. From now on, ARLANXEO will control its operations around the world from Maastricht. ARLANXEO was established on April 1, 2016, as a joint venture […]


  • Need to regulate end-of-life tyres market in India Tyre

    By Sharad P Matade End-of-life tyres (ELT) or waste tyres are a chronic environmental issue in western countries and so now in India. The only difference is that India has started tackling this issue recently, but not effectively as its western counterparts. As India is riding on robust growth, more […]


    Much capital is wasted in procurement chasing lowest cost options. Procurements gain most of their kudos and KPIs through buying at reduced costs; however, cost reduction invariably ends up with increased losses. This seems counter intuitive, but consider that most procurement departments know littl […]


  • Need to promote dies and moulds industry globally: Vinod Patkotwar Vinod Patkotwar

    The first edition of Rubber Dies and Moulds Expo(RDME) was held in Pune, India, successfully with over 40 exhibitors and nearly 3,000 visitors. The Expo, along with a day-long technical conference, not only provided a platform to exhibitors to showcase their products but also helped the stakeholders to update themselves on the latest trends in the industry. In an interview to Rubber Asia, Vinod Patkotwar, Chief Convener – RDME and CEO, Crown Rubber Products, Pune, shares his views on the Expo in […]




  • Great scope for Rubber Wood based industry in Sri Lanka

    By S W Karunaratne Rubber Wood (RW) is an important renewable resource available in the Natural Rubber (NR) producing countries. A high percentage of the available RW is still used as fuel wood despite the great potential for converting RW into value added products for both the internal and external […]


  • LANXESS launches innovative materials for automotive industry LED lamps-2

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has come out with innovative materials for applications in the electrical/electronics industry. These include optimized, halogen-free flame-retardant PBT grades, highly reinforced polyamides for mechanically stressed parts, new materials for LED components, hydrol […]

International Rubber Price

27/06/2016 (USD/100 kg)

RSS3 – 169.60
RSS4 – 168.75
SMR20 – 127.80
Latex 60% –  109.55

Indian Rubber Price

27/06/2016 (Rs/kg)

RSS4 – 138.00
ISNR20 – 118.00
Latex – 60% –  99.35

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