Michelin to set up plant in Leon, Mexico
NR sustainability Why How?
Brexit not a credible threat to NR market: ANRPC
Tyres made with NR alternatives to become a reality soon


  • Upward trend in India’s natural rubber production

    India’s natural rubber production increased 2.3% on year-on-year basis in the first quarter of 2016-17(April-June), marking a shift in the decreasing trend in natural rubber production in the past few months. If the trend continues, production of NR during the fiscal will reach the anticipated […]

  • Now, follow Rubber Board, India, on Facebook and Twitter

    The Rubber Board, India, has hosted its official Twitter and Facebook accounts. These social networking sites were formally launched by Board Chairman A Ajithkumar. These pages can be accessed through the following links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rubberboard Twitter: https://twitter.com/ru […]


  • Vinod Simon gets Distinguished Service Medal Simon award-2

    Vinod T Simon, former President of All India Rubber Industries Association(AIRIA), and Executive Director, Simmco Foam, was presented with Distinguished Service Medal 2016 at the inaugural session of the National Rubber Conference(NRC) 2016 held in Chennai recently. He was chosen for the award in re […]

  • New President and VP for Marangoni

    In a major development in the march forward of Marangoni SpA, one of the world’s leading tyre machinery and retreading solutions provider Vittorio Marangoni has been appointed as President and Giuseppe Marangoni as Vice President of the company. These appointments at the apex of the Marangoni […]

Price Watch

  • Tyre stocks bounce back on positive economic data

    After having a dull start this year, coupled with consecutive falls in passenger car sales, stocks of tyre companies bounced back, moving in tandem with trends on the bourses. During the period of February 17,2016 to April 18,2016, the BSE Sensex climbed up over 10%, while stocks of most tyre compan […]

  • Slight breather in NR market as prices rebound PS

    In a welcome relief, natural rubber markets – both domestic and international – are showing signs of recovery with the prices turning slightly bullish. However, whether this surge is an indication of a progressive rebound in the long-term is a matter to wait and see. The current price surge is attri […]


  • ETRMA reports slight rise in H1 2016 tyre sales

    Members of European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) reported marginal rise in replacement tyre sales in the consumer, truck and two-wheeler segments in the first half of 2016 (January-June). Sales in the agricultural segment however showed a consistently decreasing trend. Sales in […]

  • 10 million vehicles in UK could be driven with illegal tyres in 2016

    Over 10 million UK motorists could drive a vehicle with an illegal and dangerous tyre during 2016 according to results of the most comprehensive survey of its kind. Announced at the Tyre Safety Month Briefing recently, the survey, conducted by TyreSafe in partnership with Highways England, revealed […]


  • Need to regulate end-of-life tyres market in India Tyre

    By Sharad P Matade End-of-life tyres (ELT) or waste tyres are a chronic environmental issue in western countries and so now in India. The only difference is that India has started tackling this issue recently, but not effectively as its western counterparts. As India is riding on robust growth, more […]


    Much capital is wasted in procurement chasing lowest cost options. Procurements gain most of their kudos and KPIs through buying at reduced costs; however, cost reduction invariably ends up with increased losses. This seems counter intuitive, but consider that most procurement departments know littl […]


  • Carbon black faces challenging market environment: Bart Kalkstein Bart Kalkstein-2

    Slowing economic environment in China, rising costs of carbon black feedstocks despite fall in crude oil prices, overcapacity in the carbon black industry, especially in China, intense competition etc have created a challenging market environment for carbon black, according to Bart Kalkstein, Senior Vice President and President, Reinforcement Materials Segment, Cabot Corporation, one of the world’s leading carbon black suppliers. Consequently, only those suppliers who have invested in stat […]




  • Impact of European tyre labelling legislation Fazilet Cinaralp

    By Fazilet Cinaralp Secretary General, European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA) Next to the geographic shift – with the majority of sales of new vehicles (and of tyres) taking place in the so-called emerging markets – we observe important societal changes. These event […]


  • LANXESS develops polyamide 6 for six-cylinder boxer engines LANXESS engine

    LANXESS has developed an oil pan module from polyamide 6 for the new six-cylinder boxer engines of the Porsche 911 Carrera. Motor oil pans from polyamide 6 have high level of functional integration, much lighter than an aluminum design, and outstanding long-term resistance to engine oils, the compan […]

International Rubber Price

22/07/2016 (USD/100 kg)

RSS3 – 195.65
RSS4 – 194.80
SMR20 – 130.60
Latex 60% –  113.75

Indian Rubber Price

22/07/2016 (Rs/kg)

RSS4 – 142.50
ISNR20 – 120.00
Latex – 60% –  89.80

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