By Prof T N Kalamani:

In this era of Industry 4.0 Revolution or Smart Manufacturing, Safe-Run, an innovation-driven and breakthrough-seeking enterprise based in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, is playing an excellent and admirable role by hugely investing in technical innovations to develop high-end tire building machinery which helps customers reduce manufacturing costs, enhance product quality and efficiency significantly

The Manufacturing sector across the world is currently witnessing a paradigm shift. The tire machinery manufacturing sector is no exception. The boom in the new revolutionary concept of Industry 4.0 demonstrates that the era of intelligent manufacturing has arrived. Safe-Run is playing an excellent and admirable role in this period of smart manufacturing and high-end machinery development which provides benefits such as increased competitiveness, productivity, sustainability and reliability.

Among the top level

From its very inception, Safe-Run, the leading high-end machinery manufacturers and engineering solutions providers based in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, has been focused on PCR tire building machine, hydraulic curing press and smart logistics. Advanced research and development on tire manufacturing machine, high quality stable production and highly professional sales team have put Safe-Run among the world’s top ranking machinery manufacturers and suppliers.

Setting the pace for Industry 4.0

Safe-Run is one of the few companies in the world capable of conducting high level research and development. It has been successfully manufacturing fully automatic intelligent PCR tire building machines with the support of its cutting-edge proprietary technology and patented technology. Through continuous development, improvement and integration of the latest technology, production costs of Safe-Run have been highly reduced, the product quality has been significantly improved, and product output has been rapidly increased. These factors have significantly improved the client efficiency and satisfaction.
In response to the changing domestic and foreign market demand, and with continuous transformation and upgrading in machinery manufacturing, the development of high-end machinery has achieved remarkable results. Safe-Run has made huge breakthroughs in the application of product intelligence, smart production and intelligent management. With these innovations, Safe-Run has set the pace for the Industry 4.0 Revolution.

Research, Development, and Technology

Since its establishment in 2009, Safe-Run has focused on proactive innovation and technological breakthrough. It has continued investing a high percentage of its funds in research and development in order to manufacture advanced products with the latest technology. Safe-Run focuses on high-end automation and intelligent machinery, emphasizing its research and development strengths to maintain competitiveness.
Safe-Run gives greater emphasis and importance to the research and development of new products and technology with a view to enhancing its competitive slot in the domestic and international markets.
The company currently boasts a team of experts in the industry, from both home and abroad. Their wealth of professional knowledge and experience and high-level technical expertise ensure that the company’s research and development level have put it at the fore of the industry.

Big Data Smart Models for Application and Personalized Customization

Since Safe-Run’s establishment, it has been committed to manufacturing, growing and developing high-end machines in order to become an industry leader as it is today. Continuous innovation has been the main motivation of the company’s development throughout the past eight years. Being an innovation and breakthrough seeking enterprise, Safe-Run emphasizes the importance of research and development by hugely investing in technical innovations. In addition, Safe-Run constantly explores breakthroughs on the existing development focusing on innovation-driven development. Safe-Run persues every possible research effort to integrate smart data technology that helps it constantly manufacture and launch innovative products. Big data and smart models have already been applied in Safe-Run’s research and manufacturing facilities, and their continuous improvement can result in bigger breakthrough and innovative products.
Safe-Run’s goal is to satisfy its client by customizing and reengineering its existing and developed products in order to meet the technical specification and on-site production requirements of the clients to the maximum extent.
Thanks to its strong research and development team, competitive product cost, cutomized product development, and rapid high-quality after-sales support, Safe-Run has been honored as the best manufacturer and supplier in the testimonials of more than 50 of its global clients.

Milestone Products

SCP300 Column Type PCR Hydraulic Curing Press

  • SRS-H Single Auto Stage PCR Tire Building Machine

Safe-Run’s founder had a far-sighted vision on developing automatic tire manufacturing machinery. There were some challenges such as low efficiency production and highly manually operated and conventional equipment used in both the rubber and tire machinery industries. In such scenario, he realised that high-quality advanced automatic machines which could automate tire production, improve production efficiency, and reduce the labor cost, are the requirements of the tire industry in future. In addition, they can manufacture more stable and reliable products that can meet the market demands of high-quality products. Such products are more efficient and cost-competitive.
In December 2014, Safe-Run launched SRS-H Uni-Stage PCR smart Tire Building Machine which is a milestone technical innovation in the tire building machinery industry. It integrates the automatic and smart manufacturing developed by Safe-Run, reducing the production cycle time of a single tire from 60 seconds to 38 seconds. Compared to Safe-Run’s earlier two-stage tire building machine, the efficiency is improved by 35% and the labor input is reduced by 50% making the product highly competitive.
Within a year of launching, this product received the China Petrochemical Federation Assessment certification as the advanced leading technology globally. In fact, Safe-Run is the only one company so far from China which independently and successfully develops and manufactures Uni-Stage smart and automatic tire building machine which have won quick global recognition.

  • HPC100 PCR Uni-Stage Tire Building Machine

HPC100 is the newest generation of Safe-Run PCR tire building machine. This product, with a production capacity of 1,500 tires per day, can fulfill most of the requirements of the tire manufacturers.
HPC100 integrates the automatic and smart manufacturing technology developed by the Safe-Run research and development team and requires only one operator to load bead manually as the rest of the processes are done automatically.
The HPC100 is shipped with the latest smart material precision technology in the world today ensuring high-precision materials applying on the CC drum. At the same time, Safe-Run’s 3D visual inspection system guarantees the quality of the tires produced.

  •  SR-TPU Light Truck Tire Building Machine (Two-Stage Process, Uni-Stage Building)

In 2017, by launching the light truck Uni-stage tire building machine, Safe-Run became a pioneer domestically and a leader internationally. Safe-Run has innovated “double-stage process but single-stage shaping” technology in this machine.
The SR-TPU light truck tire building machine is mainly used for making high-profile tires such as SUV tires, snow tires, rainforest tires and other special tires (collectively called light truck tires). Conventionally, the tires have to pass through the shaping machine twice to complete the tire building process. This limits production precision and transfer. Due to the limitations of the shaping form, it is difficult to complete the light truck tire production on uni-stage equipment. Safe-Run has developed and integrated the single- and dual-stage tire building machines into one product.
This model features a two-stage single-shaping design. It has advantages such as double-stage turn-up/down, comprehensive treading, uni-stage shaping, and no manual bead loading. These advantages ensure tire uniformity and dynamic balance. It can manufacture the high-profile tires that cannot be produced using normal uni-stage machines. Moreover, it covers only a smaller area, has more customization options, needs fewer changes in tooling, and is more convenient to use compared to the double-stage machine.

  • Hydraulic Curing Press

Safe-Run’s hydraulic curing press can be programmed through logic control soft-ware to enable automated operation. They can also be operated manually by the user, allowing adjustment of technical specifications and monitoring of manufacturing precision. In addition, Safe-Run’s hydraulic curing presses are equipped with servomotors, have low power consumption and automated mold locking systems. These locking systems allow high production safety and efficiency. The press uses device sensors for automatic adjustments of tire specifications. Safe-Run’s hydraulic curing presses are widely recommended by customers for their high-precision, high-quality, stable, and user-friendly nature.
? SCP300 Column Type PCR Hydraulic Curing Press
The SCP300 belongs to the newest generation of Safe-Run curing presses. Its technical features meet the newest manufacturing and quality standards. The design guarantees high efficiency and easy maintenance and assures low labor costs and enhanced product quality. A wide range of selectable parameters allows users a wide range of tire specifications. A single-mode option allows multiple functions.

  •  65-inch Full Steel Curing Press

The SCP100 65-inch Full Steel Curing Press has excellent mechanical properties and precision. The design concept meets customer requirements for the production of a variety of high-performance tires. With reduced labor requirements, improved machinery safety levels, servomotors, proportional hydraulic systems, and integrated heated valve groups ensure energy-saving effects. A single-mode option allows multiple functions.

  • High-End Machinery Research, Development and Manufacturing Base

Safe-Run’s development and production facility, located in Jiangsu province, China, covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters. The manufacturing base, which meets internationally advanced standards, is eco-friendly, with intelligent high-end machinery research and development.
The existing production workshop area covers 40,000 square meters, with high-tech intelligent workshop machinery, equipped with a CNC fixed-beam gantry five-face manufacturing center, a double-girder bridge crane, a CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center, CNC composite deep-hole drilling, and other international high-end production machinery.
At present, Safe-Run is committed to building a smart factory by combining the automation and information technologies perfectly. It also aims at promoting a high degree of integration between industrialization and informatization. “Smart Safe-Run” has goals that cover intelligent products, and has already realized remote and big data smart operations, digitization of the production process, smart management with advanced automatic office and intelligent management systems. In future, Safe-Run will continue to promote the development of “Smart Safe-Run,” creating and advancing the integration of smart workshops, machinery and product visualization.

  • Modern Eco-friendly Factory

Safe-Run has invited and hired a team of top architects and design engineers in order to plan, design and do the interior of the factory. The main intension is to provide a natural beautiful view and to inspire the employees providing them a feel of homely environment during work. It has been established as an eco-model factory with an efficient, energy-saving, eco-friendly, picturesque and employee-friendly nature. There are many ecological gardens, aerial and hydrophilic corridors inside the Safe-Run factory, demonstrating a perfect intimacy and harmony between people and nature.
The open design of Safe-Run’s modern eco-factory embodies the company’s international management concept “People-oriented” which is one of the most important rapid-developing concepts followed by Safe-Run. Hence, a beautiful natural scenery and a leisure-friendly environment have been created for the employees. This embodies the Safe-Run’s care, respect, focus, and attention for its employees.

Pioneering Global Solutions for Smart Factories — Boosting the tire industry for a better future

Modern Eco Friendly Factory

As an innovative leader in the high-end machinery manufacturing industry, Safe-Run is committed to pioneering the business model innovation and change, in addition to “intelligent manufacturing”. Safe-Run continues to undertake technical research and development in the tire industry projects with outstanding results. In cooperation with the SK Group, Safe-Run seeks to jointly promote and establish the smart factory one-stop solution.
Safe-Run smart factory solutions are based on industry networking, logistics automation, smart machinery, equipment communication, systems data real-time collection, intelligent analysis, and other advanced technologies. Safe-Run introduces information and communication technology to the entire manufacturing process, covering the tire production process — from materials storage, through mixing, building, curing, testing, to the finished product. Automation of the production process and intelligent management contributes to the creation of smart factories.

  •  Simulation, risk reduction, and optimal design

The detailed analysis of production lines, equipment, and processing are modeled to derive modeling data. On the basis of the derived modeling data, Safe-Run compares pre- and post-differences of the smart factory in order to predict and reduce the expected risk. This helps to realize the expected verification and
ensures optimizing the smart factory design.

  •  Logistics optimization and intelligent warehousing

Real-time mobile data and production line information allow for integrated advanced intelligent algorithms and industrial control technology. This shows and controls smart logistics machinery and automated warehousing, so as to establish automated and unmanned operations.
Intelligent automated ware-house storage is dynamically planned and visually monitored. This smart management can obtain ten times extra storage space in ware-house.

  •  Information trace management – responsiveness to changes in the production environment

IOT, big data, and cloud technology can organically connect the IT and OT environments. Safe-Run collects and analyzes real-time data, adapts changes in the production environment to maintain an optimized production environment and production efficiency. This helps to customize the individual products for complete smart innovating process of manufacturing.

  •  Integrated visual technology applications, and real-time intelligent monitoring and management of the whole production line

Advanced technical devices such as integrated CCTV, face recognition devices, and sensors can upgrade the production site visibility. The Safe-Run production lines implement real-time monitoring through visual analysis, production line control, using integrated data link system. This helps to eradicate any abnormalities in the production lines immediately.
The production process of the production plan and site can be smartly managed and optimized. The use of optimized algorithms allow establishing a schedule planning. In addition, the advance process planning can create KPI. It has functionality for automatic prioritization as per the scenario.

Rapid-Response, 24-Hour After-Sales Services

Safe-Run has established a stable and growing customer base in China due to the success of its advanced tire manufacturing and engineering solutions. As part of these engineering solutions, Safe-Run has adopted a customer-focused sales and service model.
Safe-Run provides pre-sales consulting services to clients for better understanding and analyzing the product requirement. It then facilitates the recommendation and customization of the products. Safe-Run invites potential clients to visit the Safe-Run facilities to have a fruitful discussion in order to deeply analyze the product requirements. Similarly, Safe-Run visits potential clients’ facilities as well several times to ensure that the product matches the customer’s requirements. In addition, during assembly, Safe-Run sends its technical personnel to the client’s site in order to provide on-site training and real-time after-sales technical support services (including product maintenance, continued maintenance, and additional training). Safe-Run follows a 24-hour quick-response time-limit after-sales service culture. This helps the Safe-Run clients achieve the best results by reducing the cost of mechanical maintenance and enhancing production safety.
Safe-Run has successfully started selling its products in the overseas market because of its customer-focused business approach. With the advanced in the technology, Safe-Run believes many existing major tire manufacturers at home and aboard will be attracted by the high-end more efficient stable smart machineries manufactured by Safe-Run. Safe-Run’s products are competitive and reliable compared to the leading international suppliers, both in terms of quality as well as in price.
Safe-Run is accelerating its sales as well as position in the international market depending upon its long-term and highly stable performance in the domestic Chinese market. Safe-Run products have now entered the United States, South Korea and other high-end markets, and are also performing well in other major tire producing countries of Southeast Asia and South Asia.
The huge Indian market has always been a high-priority focus area in Safe-Run’s overseas business strategy. Safe-Run has announced in its future plan to invest numerous resources in the Indian market in order to fulfill the local clients’ product customization and best service solutions. Safe-Run believes in ‘the spirit of openness and cooperation” and hence Safe-Run is set to become an indispensable choice for India’s tire machinery industry.
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