As the exclusive distributor of Zhejiang Qingji Ind Co., Ltd, China, in India and Sri Lanka for its reputed separators and centrifuges, AGI Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd, promoted by Ansif Ashraf, has won accolades for supply of high-quality machines as well as efficient and fast after-sales service

Centrifuge separators are used in latex industry for making Centrifuged Latex from Field Latex through a process of separation. It is basically Solid-Liquid Separation using Centrifuge Technology. The rubber industry worldwide uses Centrifuge Separators manufactured by different companies such as Alfa Laval, Westfalia and Westlake.

Zhejiang Qingji Ind Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Qingji Ind Co., Ltd, China, manufactures Latex Separators in the brand name “Westlake”. Zhejiang Qingji Ind. Co., Ltd is one of the important manufacturers specialized in separators and centrifuges, whose main products are Westlake Disc Separator and Zhejiang-Escher Wyss Two-stage Pusher Centrifuge. The company’s separators and centrifuges have won various prizes for their excellent quality and performance such as the National Invention Prize, the
Sci-tech. Innovation, and the Silver Medal of Quality.
Zhejiang-Escher Wyss two-stage Pusher Centrifuge is China’s only product manufactured under the license and whole technology from Swiss Sulzer Escher Wyss and with the certification of the Swiss Company. Westlake Disc Separators are successfully used in the separation of latex, palm oil, vegetable oil, orange oil, yeast, fruit juice, beverage, beer and milk. Of these machines, Model Lx-460 separator is mainly intended both for the concentration of latex and for the removal of water and impurities in latex.

AGI Holdings Limited

AGI Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd, promoted by Ansif Ashraf, is the exclusive distributor of Zhejiang Qingji Ind Co., Ltd in India and Sri Lanka. AGI group entered the Sri Lankan market in the year 2008. So far they have installed 16 Centrifuge Latex Separators in Sri Lankan market alone.
Some of the companies which have bought centrifuges from AGI Group in Sri Lanka are Almar Rubbers, Dipped Products Plc, Lak Latex, NSC Latex, Le’Ferne Latex, and Ukwelkanda Rubber. In 2012 AGI Group was appointed as distributor in Indian market also. Late John Powath was the distributor of Westlake Centrifuge Separators in early years of 80’s and then in the 90’s it was given to Sajnic Westlake in Chennai. John Powath was successful in selling Centrifuges in Indian market.
John Powath and Sajnic Westlake had sold machines in India to companies like Malabar Latex, HML, Kurian Abraham, Malanadu Latex, Palazhy Latex, RPL Latex, Comfoams Limited etc. AGI group has set a record in sales in Sri Lankan market by selling a total of 16 machines in 6 years and it was a dynamic sales performance for the principal factory which couldn’t make single sale in Sri Lanka ever.

Foray into Sri Lankan market

“Sri Lanka was a market which was developing much in Latex, the focus from Sheet and Block to Latex was just starting when we entered the market. Normally they had thought that “Made in China” machines might be of low quality. But we used a different strategy. If they are about to buy Alfa Laval or West Falia machines, the cost is almost double the cost of our machines. But our strong customer base in Thailand was a self-recommendation which helped a lot. The pioneers of Latex Industry in Thailand like Thai Hua Rubber, TiTi Tex, TVR, STR, Tong Thai Rubber, Guangken Rubber, SriTrang Group etc were using our machines which were a big reference. The first sale was important for us which was the reference and testimonial for further business,” says Ansif.

Connecting the dots

Explaining how Rubber Asia magazine helped him to secure the first order, Ansif says: “AGI Group was initially into Carbon Black sales from China and trading of natural rubber. Those days we were regular advertisers in Rubber Asia. Once Kurian Abraham (Editor of Rubber Asia) wrote an article about me when I was the CEO of AGI Group. Seeing that article, we got a call from Chanake Seneviratne who was the CEO of Le’Ferne Rubber in Sri Lanka, who became the first buyer of our centrifuge separators in Sri Lanka. That’s how the first dot was connected.
“Then our focus was to make sure that we do our best to our first client. We gave all support technically and made sure that he got the best out of it. Initially he ordered two machines and he had a plan of buying 2more Alfa Laval. After seeing the performance and output of machines, he was convinced that our quality was the best even though it was manufactured from China. And he ordered two more machines from us after 6 months. With the cost of buying one Alfa Laval, he could buy our two machines. Now we have 16+ machines in Sri Lanka. Thanks to Rubber Asia for connecting the dots.”

Customer satisfaction

AGI Group has always placed great emphasis on customer satisfaction by supplying high-quality machines and offering efficient and fast after-sales service. Here is the feedback received by the Group from some of its major clients in Sri Lanka:
Efficiency is close to 90%, it’s good-quality machine at affordable price. Their service is the best at after-sales and they are committed and trustworthy – Amila Kumarage, NSC Latex, Sri Lanka.
I highly recommend this machine considering the cost and payback period. AGI Group was co-operative and proactive – Amanda Weerasinghe, Almar Rubber, Sri Lanka.
We are the fourth largest glove manufacturers in the world. We purchased separators from AGI Group, India. Maintenance is easy and initial investment is very low with quality – Niroshana Baddage, Dipped Products PLC, Sri Lanka.
Efficiency is between 90% to 90.5% average. It’s one of the best centrifuge machines which you can find in the market. AGI Group was so helpful and services were excellent – Ashan Wijerathne, Ukwelkanda Rubber Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka.